Biz Budget Book for iPad 

Biz Budget Book with Forecast is a full featured business accounting system with budgeting and advanced forecasting -- all on your iPad!! This easy to use app makes it a breeze for you to track your business spending, forecast future spend by account and keep you under budget! 

Small business owners love this app as it is designed to save them money while saving time in entering data. Receipts and documents can be snapped and tagged to expenses. Easy to understand reports without confusing accounting jargon, guide your business to greater profitability. Don't spend thousands of dollars on accounting software, this easy to use app is all you need.

Key differentiators for Biz Budget Book are: 

- Simple, easy to use interface that gets your job done quickly. 
- Cloud Sync enables you to store your data in the cloud and share data with your partners, accountants and colleagues seamlessly. 
- Forecasting: Complex statistical models are used to create strong projected total monthly spend as well as spend by Payee. Only app of its kind that has this feature. 
- Add recurring expenses and income. 
- Data analysis that is intended to help you save money and not to confuse you with images and meaningless graphics. 
- Fast and Highly reliable, works offline. No spinning wheels, no crashes, no lost data. No visual overload. 
- Copies previous month's budget. 
- Reports with spreadsheet export make tax filing stress free. 
- Supports multiple currencies. 

User Manual: BizBudget.pdf
3.2 MB

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